Budweiser Retro

when the brewery asked us to collaborate on bringing some of their legendary Budweiser creative work back to life, it was next to impossible due to mostly talent-contract-related issues. fortunately, our extremely long search yielded one little-known Bud brand icon from the early 1900s -- an illustrated little guy named Smiling Charlie, who had been used for a few small-space newspaper ads and pieces of merchandising. over a century later, not only was he back...he was better than ever. from doing a live VO session with the legendary Ed McMahon (one of his last auditions ever) and eventually working with Patton Oswalt to discovering why this very successful test market campaign never went further (an anecdote best shared over a beer), the creative resurrection and short life of Smiling Charlie Version 2.0 will be an experience i won't forget anytime soon.

Aaron Evanson, art director. Virginia Bertholet, agency producer.
Virginia Bertholet, agency producer. Margarita Mix, production studio.
Aaron Evanson, art director. Mark Florida, print production.
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