901 Tequila

no, JT and yours truly aren't exactly close, but here's the reader's digest story of how we definitely have connective tissue. a certain singer reaches out to a certain beer empire about doing a tequila together. myself and a couple people are asked to create a sampler platter of brands and brand stories for said tequila. JT loves the one created about the area code of his hip hometown. the big brewery declines. so JT walks away with one of the brewery representatives and does the tequila himself...to rave reviews. while the brand slowly gains distribution, we introduce the brand digitally with a budget that hardly exceeded the price of one 750ml bottle. fast forward a couple years to 2014, the brand is acquired by tequila behemoth Sauza...and i'm still waiting for JT to thank me personally.

Jean Scholtes, designer.
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